Parent/Carer Code of Conduct

Parent/Carer Code of Conduct


When you are on school premises


  • Supervise your child
  • Respect others and be a good role model for your children
  • Make an appointment with your child’s teacher, teaching assistant or member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss any concerns.



  • Use loud or offensive language with staff, parents and children
  • Discuss confidential meetings in school with other parents
  • Write comments that are inaccurate, abusive or insulting about the school or any member of staff on social media e.g. Facebook
  • Bring dogs onto the playground unless they are carried
  • Ride bikes or scooters
  • Smoke
  • Drop litter
  • Allow your children to access inappropriate games with 12, 15, 18 age rating on the internet e.g. Grand theft auto, happy wheels


We have high expectations of your children and they have high expectations of you.

If this code of conduct is broken you will not be allowed on the school premises and you will be asked to collect your child outside the school gates. If the school are made aware of your child accessing inappropriate games on the internet you will be invited into school for a parental interview with the Headteacher.


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